Amanda Lyon - Flutist

Vita Brevis, Ars Longa

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Amanda began teaching young musicians since she was a teenager and now teaches students of all ages and ability levels. Her passion for education began at a young age, when she noticed how much she enjoyed showing her peers and family how to do activities she learned in school. Since high school, she has made it a life-long goal to support and further the field of education, with a particular interest in promoting Arts Education.

Amanda is a strong advocate for public education as well, firmly believing that every single human being is entitled to and deserves a strong education. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~ Nelson Mandela


"Amanda is a combination of master flutist and musician who can also teach. Her understanding of flute repertoire is equal to few and her ability to help interpret it is superior. She is a teacher who can not only help a beginning student develop a correct foundation but can also help advanced students develop to their full potential." - Ellen DeCicco

"As a senior who got back to the flute after a long absence, I found Amanda to be a talented teacher as well as a brilliant performer.  She taught me new skills I hadn't been introduced to before, and helped me refine my playing with hints and techniques that made practicing enjoyable rather than tedious. I had the pleasure of observing the rapport she has with young beginners and advanced flutists as well as students learning other woodwind and brass instruments.  I've been privileged to study with excellent teachers; in my experience Amanda is by far the best.  Not only have I become a better player thanks to Amanda, I have enjoyed the process every step of the way." - Marian Yeager